Chapter 398 FightBackMu Qingshan feels better now. He wears his flawless smile again.“Warrior Lin, may I ask you a question? How could you be so sure that there were gangsters in the village last night?”Mu Qingshan’s smiling face distracts Lin Luoran for a moment. She remembers another person who is

Chapter 398 A Sincere Confession.Yi Yunrui feels a little shocked. Well. Too many things happened recently. He forgets to be concerned about Dai Zhongheng’s wedding.“Then, I may stay for some more days.” Everything has been arranged. If they take actions too soon, they may alert that man.For more th

Chapter 1327 Ancient CoffinThe thick fog dissipated, revealing a mountain-sized coffin.Ling Han and the others weren’t surprised to see this. After all, the illusion had made it clear that Ding Zizhen had buried his daughter here. Moreover, their journey to this place was in order to revive Ding Lin

1326 Final Will, Everything to Save My Daughter‘Is this Ding Zizhen’s undying resentment?’Beyond a Saint, one would sever their mundane carnal feelings and enter the world of celestials. Was the resentment of Ding Zizhen finally reappearing after billions of years?“Saints aren’t the most powerful!”

1325 Severing Mundane TierThe chariot continued forward, and they were drawn into the illusion again and again.This was the path of Ding Zizhen’s growth. However, the only memory that was recorded was of the intra-clan competition that occurred at the end of each year. This was probably his deepest

Ji Nuan naturally did not know that Rong Yan’s mind had already come up with a Mary Sue plot, and that she had been assigned the role of the most villainous, beautiful, flirtatious, and trashy type. However, Ji Nuan could vaguely observe the emotions in her eyes. Ji Nuan curved her red lips into a l

Although Rong Yan said she was fine, the tolerance and unhappiness in her eyes were clear.  Ji Nuan was caught unaware and suffered another push. Thankfully, she had managed to stabilize herself and only took a step back to lean against the wall. She did not fall down again. She abruptly raised her

Aerospace launch site. The excited crowd formed a circle. Nie Yun and the other astronauts tried to adapt to Earth’s gravity. With the help from the ground crew, they walked down the airstairs. The reporters swarmed around these three heroes with their cameras. “Mr. Nie Yun, as the pilot, how are yo

Ten days later, three figures descended on the outskirts of a village.  In the village, countless live spirits were coming and going. They were mostly different species, but they had one thing in common, namely, that their bodies oozed a faintly discernible dark aura.  They were all members of the M

The tribe leader glanced at the hut with a dismal look on his face. “The wizard spell cast upon the people in the hut is the Green Snake Spell, which is a unique spell of the Green Snake Tribe.”  “I hope you could infiltrate the Green Snake Tribe for us and steal the training techniques of the Green

The streets of Hainan were in complete disorder. When the winds swept through, they took everything that had life and, in return, made everything look dark and dreary. Seeing these scenes made Xia Nuannuan even more anxious now. She had no access to the cell phone in the hospital. She looked at Aunt

Yeowun’s guess was right. Yeowun then heard Man Ou’s telepathic message that was sent to Danhing. [Owner, I will make them go out of the VIP room. We might get in trouble if…] [No. They will not leave, you know this. These people are terrifying, but at least we can persuade these people.] ‘VIP room?

Chapter 830 Surrounding Calamity GradeAfter meeting the reconnaissance troops, the expedition force reorganized their troops and adjusted their direction toward Atimo’s fleet. At the same time, Atimo’s fleet also headed toward the reconnaissance troops, and both parties were approaching each other w

Chapter 1113: Brother Dali Wants to Trade StocksThis big bald guy easily defeated a dozen people. Qiao Xianxian could not imagine how Gu Feifei would win. After all, her brother was trained in martial arts. She had a good eye for this kind of thing and could tell that the big bald guy was a professi

Chapter 310: Since This Was Her Wish In the movie, even Chen Jing had tasted failure before. However, Lin Pianruo had not. Other shows boasted of the struggles or the difficulties faced by females in the workplace. However, the storyline would actually always revolve around the love life of the fema

Princess Luosha couldn’t probe who she was unless she successfully provoked Saint Lady. If ‘Nine Yao Divine Tear’ was indeed in her body, it was be a huge news. Saint Lady wasn’t triggered at all. She said, “Really? Seems like you haven’t figured out what’s going on here. Most of the saints here are

There were a total of five keys to the Beyond Heaven Secret Zone that were placed in five mundane realms. If one had the key, one would be able to open the entrance to the Beyond Heaven Secret Zone. Otherwise, the entrance would be barred by a mysterious energy. However, once the final key was

Chapter 1147: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (17)Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo?Shang Mo wasn’t sure about that. The incident that happened that night had him confused. Could it be that Rong Mo wasn’t human but a witch? A witch who was bisexual and could switch between Rong Mo and Mo Feifei?Even if she was

Chapter 368: Garbage Belongs in the Trash Can Even though the scandals involving Xiao Chennan had already turned around, his agency was still staying silent and refusing to give any response. This was not the kind of treatment that a film emperor should be receiving. Xiao Chennan was currently facin

Yeowun's guess was right. Yeowun then heard Man Ou's telepathic message that was sent to Danhing.[Owner, I will make them go out of the VIP room. We might get in trouble if…][No. They will not leave, you know this. These people are terrifying, but at least we can persuade these people.]'VIP ro

Chapter 175: Distribution Plan It was rare for pirates to be seeing their prey but yet, unable to attack. At the moment, the Quidah was the strongest vessel, followed by the Jackdaw, and at the very bottom of the list was the anonymous pirate ship. But those were just dry comparisons. In reality, th

Chapter 3058: The Grand Finale (25)Surprisingly, they were then taken into a high-speed vortex, which was a hundred times faster than a washing machine, in Gu Xijiu’s opinion. They were spun on and on for quite a while before they made an abrupt collision with a group of people.They were not mistake

Chapter 3057 Killing recovery 3Under the shroud of light, the two small sized dolls suddenly enlarged, and in a blink of an eye, they had turned into two giants with eight feet in height! They radiate light similar to spiritual power, but there was no slight brilliance in their eyes. Their whole bod

Chapter 178: Why Don’t You Adore Me Anymore? He was filled with resentment that refused to leave his heart. Unfortunately, Luo Zheng looked up at him smilingly and asked, “Senior Mubai, why should I hate you?” Why? Yeah, why should she hate me!?! Xi Mubai could not figure it out, so he wanted to ask

Chapter 316: Old John Returns Dark Night Stars was the young master of the Lu Conglomerate, the heir to billions in assets, and Feng Luo’s “boss.” Despite all that, he didn’t seem cocky to Feng Luo. That might seem a bit odd, but it made sense if he thought about it. For the various powers in the ga

Chapter 1227: I Want to Make You Stay (105)Fang Erlan kept quiet while Xiao Chenyang answered, “Yes, Mother-in-law.”Flabbergasted, Fang Erlan chided, “We’ve yet to get married, why are you calling her ‘Mother-in-law’…”“Let him be. He can address me that way. I’m in full support of your relationship

Chapter 379: You Daughter Will Never Get Married “Chen, don’t say that.” “Then why do you keep putting me in difficult positions?” Chen Zhao said, displeased. Laurent turned his head away. Chen Zhao was not a father, so he could not understand how it felt to see his daughter being pursued by an unsa

Chapter 380: Pride Of Lions Chen Zhao had a feeling. Coming out of Laurent’s mouth, he was a lazy gangster and player. “Howard, if you open the door, I promise I won’t hit you.” Howard looked awkwardly at Chen Zhao on the other side of the glass. “This is your family matter. You guys shouldn’t invol

Chapter 381: I’m Thinking About How To Kill You Legally When Laurent and Howard returned home, Winnip, Fali and Faur were already there. “Dad, why are you back so early? Where’s Chen? Did he not come back with you?” “Err… He said that he wasn’t feeling well and left first. Is he not home yet?” Laure

Chapter 382: Golden Key These three cronies were always present when causing trouble. But when they had to take responsibility, they would push all the blame onto Laurent. Chen Zhao didn’t think that they were innocent. No one could escape from the blame. Anyway, Chen Zhao didn’t plan on letting any

Chapter 383: Please Come And Bring These Three Perverts Back “Hi, I’m Winnip.” “Winnip, Ayod here.” “Ayod, what is it?” Winnip sounded like she was chatting with a friend. “I just received a complaint that a few people had been running naked near the town. I sent a few police out and caught the thre

Chapter 384: Laurent’s Nightmare Birthday “Laurent, you really love Chen’s cooking, right?” Winnip teased, seeing how he was into the food. “How about we have him stay in Sacramento? This way, you can eat his food every day.” “It’s so-so,” Laurent criticized while eating. “It’s not that good.” “You

Chapter 865: Two Drugs Prepared in One Night“Yes, yes. They are friends,” Jia Zizai said.The goshawk circled a few times in the sky and flew into the distance.On Dongshan Mountain, Zhong Liuchuan and Jia Zizai practiced while Hu Mei walked around. She stopped at the border between Dongshan and Nansh

Bo Jinyan’s eyes grew dim. “Isn’t it too early to know the child’s gender?”  Mo Jiangye laughed. “It’s still my child, regardless of its gender. I will love the child no matter what.”  “Is that so?”  He secretly pinched her hand again.  The dumbfounded woman played along with him by saying, “Yes, it

Chapter 196: Untitled “I’m not going back!” Her reaction was huge. “Princess, if you don’t go ahead with the cornea replacement as soon as possible, things will only get thorny in the future. You have to return to the Blue Tower to change your cornea. No hospital here is willing to operate on you, n

Chapter 197: Something Is Not Right, It Does Not Feel Right At All As she took a piece of paper napkin and was about to turn her head around, she saw a necklace caught in a small crack in the bed frame. Her hand reached for the necklace slowly and drew it out of the gap. It was a lady’s necklace. “B

"This box..." Duan Ling Tian discovered the box was quite heavy after the Old Prophet had passed it over to him. He did not know what the box was made from.Even Chen Yi Ru who was a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial could not open it. "Master, there's nothing I can do…" He said helplessly be

Chapter 198: Feeling Betrayed “Young Madam, you can’t enter this room!” Another servant knelt on the floor and grabbed her legs, preventing her from moving further. She turned and looked at her husband furiously. “Brother Jingxuan, is it true that I can’t enter that room?” He rubbed his glabella bet

Chapter 752: Seed (1)Lu Sheng wiped his free hand on his clothes. Then, with sugar cake in hand, he sauntered into a teahouse.An old man with white beard was performing pingshu[1. Sort of artistic storytelling from what I saw on wiki. Google it for more details.] on the first floor. He was telling t

Chapter 751: Reentry (2)The Green Branch Sect. Ten Thousand-ren Mountain.Lu Sheng stood shoulder to shoulder with Xu Haobai before a spinning map of the stars that was more than 10 meters tall.The stellar map was round—a standard shape. It glowed faintly with silvery-blue, and countless stars flicke